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Frequently asked questions

    Not all locksmiths can cut electronic car keys because there are special equipment needed to complete the process of cutting a key.  As much as laser cut keys are found in newer cars, they first became popular in bikes and motorcycle locks. it is a good idea to ask the locksmith first to see if they are equipped with the proper equipment to cut your keys​. Learn more.

    The pins and tumbler inside locks are cheaply priced, making rekeying them the more affordable option compared to switching to newer locks. A good example is when you have more than one door in your house with different keys and you want them all in one key.

Rekeying all your door to the same key would be more cost efficient, especially if you are moving to a new home and want to keep any old keys from being used poorly...

    A lot of the times it will depend on the locksmith you are using. Did you know a locksmith can not only duplicate car keys but also extract broken keys from locks. Locksmiths can rekey your trunk locks if you need to. Having a working key already can speed up the process to generating a new key and be less expensive.

    Most of the times it will $80 to $160 to rekey house door locks. This will depend in a few factors, having a key already and the condition in which the locks are in, both can affect the price in a rekey locksmith service. 

    Most of the times, it will take 30 minutes depending on the time of your request for a locksmith. Local Locksmith operating 24/7 can get to you as soon as 15 mins. Depending on traffic. 24 hours key locksmith

    No, most door locks can be picked open without incurring any damage in the door or frame. Our professional locksmiths are experts in providing door unlock services all you need is a valid identification.

    Yes. door opening is one of our Emergency Locksmith services we provide. We can unlock your door even if no keys are present, either by picking them open or drilling the lock.

    If all of your keys are lost, our residential locksmiths can rekey the lock and give you a new set of keys or rekey your locks to any existing key you may have as the locks are compatible.

    Yes, our locksmith technicians are trained and fully equipped to make new and duplicate keys on the spot. Even if your key is broken, there is a high possibility we can still duplicate it at your location.

    One of the locksmith services we offer is new replacement car keys. We can generate a key regardless if one is present, for any year make and model. You can contact us today for pricing in Miami, FL.

    Our Locksmith drivers have fully equipped trucks that can drive to you and generate a key there and then. This means there is no need for towing. Replacement car keys can be made on the spot.

    A majority of our keys are dealer made, these are the same ones used at car dealerships and are guaranteed to work for your car. Keep in mind the manufacturer of the key can affect the quality and price.

    Most of the times, you will have to pay for the service and then submit it to your insurance for reimbursement. But you can still contact your insurance provider to see if they can cover for service.

    Our Emergency Locksmith Service is available to the public 7 days a week and we do not charge extra if 

you call is outside of regular business hours.

    If the door lock is broken or the door won't open from inside because the battery is drained. A new key will need to be made from scratch. We are able to open your car door without incurring any damage if your car keys are inside or if your car battery is in good shape. 

   Hiring a locksmith is recommended specially when thinking about fixing mechanical locks. Trying to tamper locks can sacrifice the security level of them and can expire any warranty there may be on them. Usually these have a manufacturer warranty you may still be able to use.

Lss Locksmiths and Sec. Lock and keys services in
Miami, FL (786)755-9108. 24 hours, door unlock. 

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