Electronic Security in Doors

Upgrading your door access control system will allow your doors to be unlocked without having to touch a button. IR technology allows you to wave your hand in front of an exit button whenever you want to unlock a door.

  • Contactless entry and exit points

  • Stops the spread of germs

  • Flexible access permissions

  • Meet social distancing guidelines

  • Limit access to high-traffic areas

  • Implement one-way routes

  • Occupancy management

  • Code Compliant


Touchless exit push buttons are built with sensors in order to activate them with a simple hand presentation

These exit button solutions provide a better flexibility and control for many different applications, without the need to make costly modifications. They do not require yearly contracts to keep them running because they connect directly to a power source instead of conventional batteries. Other benefits include service calls to change locks and rekey tumblers, because the usage of door locks will be less. This makes them a more affordable option in the long run.