Emergency Car Locksmith in Miami FL

Help is on the way! Whether you need a car key duplicate or a replacement key fob. You can Contact us directly at 786-438-8957. Our car key express service is available for emergency situations like lost key service and car lockouts after hours. www.lsslock-access.com/emergency-locksmith. Find us near you

Chip key programming for cars

Our qualified locksmith technicians are readily available to help you in the programming of alarm remotes and chip computer keys. Programming for ecu and reflashing old keys to your car. No need for a new key if you already have one.

Key Fob Replacements

You have a working key for your car but still want to avoid being locked out of your car right? We can make an exact copy of your car key.

There will be times where it will be more expensive for locksmiths to make a key for your car. Generating the molding of your key to fit in the ignition and doors can be more time consuming and more costly if there is not a working key present.

This is why car locksmiths will usually charge more for your car key. You can avoid this by verifying ownership to your vehicle with a registration or insurance. Our locksmith can then generate a key from your vin number and at the same time speed up the process of making and programming your car key/remotes.

Find out more info at www.lsslock-access.com