What to Know Before Hiring a Locksmith in Miami Dade

Considering hiring a locksmith? Read this first. Locksmiths are experts in ensuring the security of your home, business or office space. Given the importance of your valuables and safety of you and your employees, it's important to request a locksmith you are confident with and that can also do the job right.

Hiring a locksmith? You may want to consider these first..


Lss Locksmith and Security offers a comprehensive range of electronic security services in South Florida and Miami, FL. Get in Touch to learn more or to book a job.


A Local locksmith will be able to reach out to you faster and be familiar with local security issues and advance technology in access control as well with keys and locks.


While price should not be only thing you should consider when hiring a locksmith, costs should within the market average. Consider quality and value of what is being sold. Sometimes these will be compromised to cut the price.


Some Locksmith will specialize in exterior security, like cctv, motion sensors etc. While others will specialize in Automotive locksmith, car keys, Ecu and re-flashing for example. When hiring a locksmith, it's always good to ask about similar projects they may have done in the past, in terms of scale, budget and scope.

4. Are they a good company to do business with?

Reliability, punctuality, and technical competence all qualities you should look for when hiring a locksmith. Neighbors and friends will often recommend a local locksmith based on their experience.

5. Are they licensed and insured?

There are way too many unlicensed and inexperienced people out there making scams and undercharging for locksmith services. (Which then turn out to require the services of professional locksmiths to fix just a few weeks later.)

Lss locksmith and Security is insured and licensed in Miami Dade. Call us for a free quote.

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