Rekeying Doors To The Same Key?

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A commonly asked question is how does a key work inside a lock? Here is a brief description of what happens when you put a key inside a door lock. First, the internal mechanism of a common lock has pins and springs, common locks include Kwikset, Schlage, etc.

Inside a lock tumbler there are pins and springs,. Springs are fully extended above the bottom and top pins in a lock tumbler. When a key is inserted in a lock it is then aligned inside the barrel of the lock. A working key pushes against the pin tumblers in a lock forcing them into the upper chamber and compressing the springs. The pins are then aligned flush with the shear line of the lock.

Lock pins are made in different sizes and shapes depending on the manufacturer. The dents of a key will allow the barrel to rotate inside the. lock. When a correct key is inserted in the lock tumbler it will clear it from any pins in the way. The cam in a lock then triggers the mechanism, allowing it to lock or unlock a door. Of course, this will only work if the key is compatible to the lock. For example, a Medeco key will only fit inside Medeco locks.

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