What is a Keyless Entry System?

Keeping commercial and office buildings safe is important. Hiring a security guard or giving each employee a set of keys for the main doors to lock up once their shifts are over is all part of keeping building safe. Keyless entry systems can make this easier to manage.

New access control technology is enabling management and government entities to upgrade from using lock and keys to more modern electronic locks.

Most commercial buildings now feature keypad locks, fingerprint, and swipe readers , which allows them to

Remote unlock your office space and more. Electronic door systems allow this connecting to the unit from your phone or laptop. From a click of a button in your device, this can allow you to let employees in and out of a building.

Benefits that come with this:

  • Increase ease of access for employees.

  • Protect against unwanted visitors.

  • Give employees the Freedom to work when they need to.

  • Get rid of traditional keys.

Improved efficiency, safety and quality are the main benefits of modern keyless entry system. Access control prevents break-ins, control over your valuables and it helps you keep track of who comes in and out.

There are many other advantages offered company owners and employees when making use of an access control system that meets their company needs.

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