Choosing The Right Set of Locks

Here you will find summaries of the different locks available. All of these locks have a different function, and they are made for different purpose each.

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Deadbolts are the standard security of a door; these are the top locks in your door. These locks shoot a bolt into the frame, preventing shimming the door open with sharp tools. There are 3 types of deadbolt locks: Single keyed locks, double deadbolt locks, and keyless cylinder locks.

Single Keyed locks

Single keyed locks open with a key on one side and a thumb turn on the other. Single keyed locks are only effective if you have impact windows and doors. Single keyed locks can be used if you want just a regular keyed lock. these are the most common locks for exterior doors.

Double deadbolt Locks

These deadbolts require a key in both sides of the door. These locks are great if you want to prevent theft. and shimming. However, this can be a risk because in case of an emergency you will need a key to exit the door. These locks are effective when keeping people with dementia inside the house or if you have kids home and you want to keep them from running out.

Digital deadbolt locks

These locks are more modern and offer you the standard security of a deadbolt lock. They require a a key or a password to unlock them and are good if you want to get rid of carrying too many keys with you. Digital locks can provide an effective blend of modern technology and standard security for metal and wooden doors.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the latest technology in house locks, and they are becoming more popular as people rely more in their smartphones to manage different aspects of their lives.

These locks can be connected to your Wi-Fi from your smartphone.

This means you can lock and unlock your doors remotely from anywhere. In addition, these locks can send an alert when someone rings your doorbell, and you can see who is at door and talk through to give them access. These smart locks come virtual keys you can share, and this basically means you can give access to others by sending them a link to grant access to the smart lock.

The only two concerns with this is that if the internet is ever down, you will need to have a key present to unlock the door. IF the batteries go out you will have to change them, and this can happen anywhere from 6-2 years depending on the use. Lithium or alkaline batteries are recommended.

Keyless Locks

Keyless Access Control locks don't require a key to unlock them. They are opened by entering a passcode of 4-6 digits. Keyless locks are useful if you want to have a passcode, biometric, or a fob used to enter the building. These keyless locks are powered directly from an electricity source. In case of a power outage, you will have a lever with a key to unlock your door. Consider upgrading to digital locks for better security and accessibility.

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