Moving to a New House Tips

You moved into a new house, let's remember now to change the locks to different keys. Often times Amid the excitement of moving to a new home, we tend to forget to change the house keys at the new place. This is important because previous tenants may have given them out to other people, this might include workers, friends or family. Their house keys could have got lost or stolen at some point and, to prevent any misuse of them we want to start fresh and change them.

Is it better to recode your locks or change them entirely?

This will depend whether you are working on a budget. With all moving costs, you need to set a limit to how much you can spend in making your new home safe, and this means securing all entry points from burglary or theft. Making sure your new house has impact windows and solid doors with strong working door locks is always recommended.

Recoding door locks can be a more cost-effective option when you are working on a budget. Lss Locksmith in Miami FL has qualified technicians to work in all mechanical and electronic locks for almost any building including residential and commercial lock servicing of any type. Call us 786-438-8957 to schedule a visit with a locksmith.

How does it work?

Locksmiths can generate a key for your door locks when there a working key available. A recoding process is done by licensed locksmith in Miami Dade. Recoding a door lock can include removing and disassembling the inner portion of the lock housing and replacing the smaller springs or barrels in order to create and fit a different key. Thus, removing any old keys from working again in the locks changed

Upgrading your door locks

If you have bad doors or locks. You can contact us directly to help you pick the best ones. Lss locksmith and Security is open to all 24/7 in case of an emergency. Bad or corroded door locks need to be changed. There is no need to continue using a door lock if the security grade of it has been compromised. Unless you want to keep them of course. Changing your door locks to newer ones can help in starting fresh and not worry about them breaking again. You can look up more info at if you need help in picking the right locks for your new home.

Electronic locks can be remotely operated even while you are away from home. This can be great if you are having your family or friends over and you just happen to be at work or any other place that is not your house. Maybe you have a cleaning crew, or you fly often. Whichever the case may be, electronic and high security locks are trending 2022. Lss locksmith can help you in picking the right set of locks for your new home depending in your situation.

What is the process like?

The process is simple when hiring a residential house locksmith. First you want to come up with a date you will be home to call the locksmith technician over to perform these services. Next, you may want to think whether you want to change your keys to different ones or to install new locks. Finally, you want to have a limit on how much you can spend depending on the quantity of the doors or entry points you want to secure from burglary. Good thing most people will only need to call the locksmith almost once in their life!

Now that you have considered the above you are ready to call the experts to come in and change your house keys! Lss Locksmith are pros in securing a house. We can also give you advice in picking the best doors or choosing a security system that will prevent any break in and keep you safe. There is Peace of mind in securing your home.

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